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We want to thank you for joining us here at Oakdalerodeo.com. As you can obviously tell, we are updating our site to a more modern look as well as being a mobile friendly site. Please bare with us as the website transforms over the next couple of weeks as we make changes and launch new features. We want your feedback on what you think of the site. We are excited for all the new changes, but more importantly, we are excited about the fast approaching rodeo weekend on April 9th & 10! Thanks for your support.

- Oakdale Rodeo Staff

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  1. Is oakdale a co sanctioned even? Or just prca

    • OakdaleRodeo

      So Sorry that we are just getting around to replying, Clay. But the Oakdale Rodeo is a PRCA only event. Thank you for writing!

  2. I would love to attend pay for a ticket and take photos of the performances. I’ve been attending roping, rodeos, cuttings and all for several years. I have a passion to capture very special photographs of the Cowboys and Cowgirls. I’m not asking to be paid or trying to sell the pictures. I just want to ask for a photo badge (I will buy a ticket for entrance) to get some awesome pictures of the events and you can post them if they are good enough. What do I need to do? ;0) Thank you Janet

    • OakdaleRodeo

      Hi Janet! Sorry we are just getting to reply! We are just learning how to access our new website a little more. We didn’t have anyone really managing it for us the last year. For press pass info regarding the 2017 Oakdale Rodeo please contact Bambi Porter at gypsycowgirlkitchen@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  3. I am interesting in being a vendor at your 2017 rodeo but am having a hard time finding any information about it.

    • OakdaleRodeo

      Janie, please check our information tab for an updated concessions form application. Our concessions chair information is on there as well. Thanks for contactng us!

  4. I am with the San Dimas Western Days Rodeo and I am interested in attending. Do you allow visiting committees?

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