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Welcome to Oakdalerodeo.com!  We are excited about the fast approaching rodeo weekend occurring on April 8th & 9th! You will be able to find entry forms, sponsor information, event information, and purchase tickets through this website.  Thank you for your interest in supporting the Oakdale Rodeo and the Oakdale Community!

- Oakdale Rodeo Staff

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  1. Is oakdale a co sanctioned even? Or just prca

    • OakdaleRodeo

      So Sorry that we are just getting around to replying, Clay. But the Oakdale Rodeo is a PRCA only event. Thank you for writing!

  2. I would love to attend pay for a ticket and take photos of the performances. I’ve been attending roping, rodeos, cuttings and all for several years. I have a passion to capture very special photographs of the Cowboys and Cowgirls. I’m not asking to be paid or trying to sell the pictures. I just want to ask for a photo badge (I will buy a ticket for entrance) to get some awesome pictures of the events and you can post them if they are good enough. What do I need to do? ;0) Thank you Janet

    • OakdaleRodeo

      Hi Janet! Sorry we are just getting to reply! We are just learning how to access our new website a little more. We didn’t have anyone really managing it for us the last year. For press pass info regarding the 2017 Oakdale Rodeo please contact Bambi Porter at gypsycowgirlkitchen@yahoo.com. Thanks!

  3. I am interesting in being a vendor at your 2017 rodeo but am having a hard time finding any information about it.

    • OakdaleRodeo

      Janie, please check our information tab for an updated concessions form application. Our concessions chair information is on there as well. Thanks for contactng us!

  4. I am with the San Dimas Western Days Rodeo and I am interested in attending. Do you allow visiting committees?

  5. What are the requirements to sign up for the barrel racing this year?

    • OakdaleRodeo

      PRCA card or WPRA membership.

  6. I live in Southern California, but plan to attend your rodeo for the first time. When will tickets be available? Looking forward to it!

    • OakdaleRodeo

      Hi Gina! Tickets should be available this next month! Follow our facebook or instagram page for updates 🙂

  7. Ron

    I hope you can help. I just downloaded the entry form and rules for the parade and I cannot find anywhere on those forms, the amount of the entry fees for the parade. I represent the Shriner from Livermore and we plan on attending, but need the amount of the fees.

    My thanks in advance
    Ron Burch

    • OakdaleRodeo

      Hi Ron! The fees are $25. Sorry about that. I am updating the forms on the website now 🙂

  8. Hi, just bought tickets for next week and was wondering if we can bring in our own food/drinks in a cooler?

    • OakdaleRodeo

      Hi there! No coolers are allowed. You can bring in food and drinks (that are unopened).

  9. Do you have a rodeo contestant list on your website?

    • OakdaleRodeo

      We do not, sorry!

  10. Can I bring in like a Subway Sandwich and a drink that is not open… In a small backpack or bag. Thank you

  11. Kim

    Our tickets were emailed. Will they scan are phones at the gate or do we have to print them out.

  12. Hi,
    I am part of the Orange Blossom 4H group. We have our booth up inside the grounds each year. I am unable to pull up the vendor/concession application? I can see the queens application but unable to print out the concesion application. Please help.
    Thank you so much.

    • OakdaleRodeo

      I do not have an updated copy for the website. The chairman, Danny Vigil’s email is vig2d@aol.com. If you contact him, he may be able to email you a copy.

  13. Good evening! I would love to be a vender at the rodeo. I tried to find the contact us tab and I didn’t give a name or email to contact. Thank you so much!

    • Saddle Club

      Hi there! The concessions contract and information is on our information tab. Please contact Danny Vigil to see if we still have space. His number is on the application.

  14. Hi there,
    Can you pretty please share a list of events for Saturday August 14, 2021 starting at 5:30? It appears to be missing from your site. Thank you so much!

    • Saddle Club

      Hi there! The rodeo beings at 5:30PM…we do not publish the order of events. The rodeo should be over before 10PM.

  15. I’m wondering how the barrel racing works for both days. We have some elderly people coming and we are not sure how it works. Qualifiers and main on same days?
    Thanks for your help.

    • Saddle Club

      Hi Janet! We technically have 3 days of barrel racing. Friday slack, Saturday and Sunday performances. Each barrel racer only has one go and they draw which day they are up.

  16. Hi, I was hoping to get in contact with someone regarding a traveling Entertainment Act I offer that might be a great addition to your rodeo weekend. Could you please either send me an email or point me in the right direction of who to speak to? Thanks!

  17. Am I wrong or is this Easter weekend

    • Saddle Club

      Thank you for your inquiry. The board is aware of the Easter weekend, but it is our “assigned weekend”. This occurs every 6 years or so.

  18. Bri

    Are there tickets for sale or do we have to wait for a certain date for them to go on sale?

    • Saddle Club

      Thank you for your inquiry on the tickets. We are currently in the process of getting the tickets ready, setting up the link and locations for purchase. Keep checking back to our site. We hope to have this ready in a few weeks.

  19. Hello, I manage an optometric practice here in town, we were considering participating as one of your vendors teamed with Costa Del Mar Sunglasses. We just found out our Costa Rep is only free that Sunday during the rodeo. Is it possible to only attend 1 day?

    • Saddle Club

      Please submit your application on vendor page and mention in the “free text area” your request. You can also email this question to: vig@oakdalerodeo.com

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